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Ban Appeal Format

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1 Ban Appeal Format on Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:56 pm


Please use this template when creating a ban appeal!

Account ID:
Character IGN (in game name):
Reason why you are banned:
Any explanation you would like to add:

Failure to do so will result in ignore of thread and/or deletion of thread.

If you are banned on another account, you will not be able to login on any other accounts on the same IP as you will be IP banned.


You will not get unbanned for the following reasons:

You will not get a 2nd chance if you are caught hacking for any reasons. That account will remain banned.
Attempting to get jailed but end up getting banned will not get you unbanned.
Harassment and Foul Language on SMega.
Brother/Sister/Friends stories do not work.
I ticked [hack] by accident.
I wanted to try hacks out.

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